Born and bred in NYC I sometimes feel like I missed out on big backyards and playing in the woods. But as an adult I really appreciate living in New York, although I still seek my peace and serenity in the great outdoors. Even within the confines of the city, I find cycling to be a great escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. And one of the greatest part of New York City is that you are never more than a few miles away from some of the quietest and most beautiful scenic trails. One moment I can be zipping though the streets of Manhattan, and the next I’m on a quiet tree lined road in New Jersey.

That quick escape always has me coming back. As I continue to explore all things running I have discovered how peaceful and similar trail running can be to cycling. You always feel as though you are charting new territory and it is often a transcendent experience. The trail running community is a strong one -and everyone enjoys being outside just as much as you do – no matter the weather! I think that community is what really draws me to most sports; the fun is in all the amazing things you discover above and beyond the actual activity.

Interestingly, nutrition on the trails is similar to cycling. You can be out there for multiple hours and most of the time you are running a slower pace so your body can digest food. I like to recommend real foods on the trails and then switching over to processed gels when you really need the sugar kick

These Bites are an over all winner whether you take them on the trails, a long bike ride or your next outdoor adventure.


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